Antique Chinese Tibetan Bronze Triple Buddha & Kwan-yin Statue On Wood (7.4)

   Rare Antique Chinese or Tibetan Bronze? Triple BUDDHA & KWAN-YIN Statue on Burl Wood. Depicting a Buddha, Kwan-Yin / Quan Yin & A valokitesvara or other Deity in seated positions on a Lotus Blossom. The top half is made of some sort of Metal, possibly Bronze? The lower half is natural Burl Wood or Root Ball. The entire piece has an amber color patina or varnish on it which is chipping off. Also there is a Black character or signature on the base under the finish (see picture 7). Exact age unknown, probably 19th century & may be older? 7.4 " tall x 5" x 4.7 2 pounds,...
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